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mimosa pudica the sensitive plant At Touch Me Not Plant we sell rare tropical plants, unusual plants that are great to have around the house or to give as a fantastic gift, we focus on plants that are not only interesting but look great in the house or garden.

The sensitive plant is one of the more unusual plants that you will find, this unusual plant moves when touched or stroked, the leafs of the plant actually move and close, this can be a delightfull gift for a family member or friend or even a treat for yourself, these moving unusual plants are amazing to see and are a great gift Checkout Our Facebook Fan Page

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Watch this great video showing you how the amazing sensitive plant moves

Notice how the leafs move when gently touched or stroked

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Look After Your Plant

The sensitive plant mimosa pudica needs to be kept in a ligh position, partal sun is fine, keep the soil moist but dont over water, you can cut the plant back if it starts to get to big whcih may need to be done to stop the plant from getting to leggy.

flowersing plantThe sensitive plant will flower after a short period of time, these are nice pink fluffy flowers, seeds can be collected from the plants flowers and used to grow more sensitve plants.

Charles Darwin

charles darwin and mimosa pudicaDarwin began studying Desmodium gyrans or Hedysarum, as they occasionally named it and also the movements of the little leaflets around 1855, after borrowing one of Hooker’s samples. “I do hope it isn't really precious,” Darwin wrote, thanking Hooker for that loan, “for, as I told you, it is for probably a most foolish purpose. I read somewhere that no plant closes its leaves so promptly in darkness, and I want to cover it up daily for half an hour, and see if I can teach it to close by itself.” More than 20 years later, Darwin was still trying.”

School "Grow Your Own" Projects

Our plants are very different to plants you usually find around you, particually the "sensitive Plant" what a great plant to grow as part of a class project. Not only do the kids have the fun of watching a plant grow from seed but they also have an amazing plant that actualy moves when touched. educational and interesting!

Our school packs contain

1X grow container - 50x Sensitive Seeds - Mini Plant Pots (List Quantity) - Growing Instructions - Downloadable Worksheets - 1X Fully Grown "Sensitive Plant" as an example of what the kids are growing

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The sensitive plants leafs will close up at night when the plants rest, they will slowly wake up with the first light of the morning.


The mimosa pudica plant actually moves when touched, the leafs close and re-open after about 10mins, a rare gift indeed